माननीया श्रीमती वसुन्धरा राजे जी द्वारा बजट 2015-16 में घोषणा (114.3.0) की गयी - "राज्य में हजारों अतिकुपोषित बच्चे कुपोषण उपचार केन्द्रों के दायरे से बाहर है । इसके लिए Community Based Mmanagement of Acute Malnutrition कार्यक्रम चलाया जायेगा ।"

CMAM Status

Upon completion of phase 1 of the project in June 2016, more than 95% of the 9640 children enrolled for this treatment have been discharged upon recovery and are successfully on the road to good health. There have been less than 0.3% deaths and around 2.5% children could not recover, which is below the global acceptable limits for similar programmes. The results also show that 12% more girls were enrolled for treatment than boys, which is generally the opposite within public health services, indicating a community-based approach can successfully improve the health and wellbeing of young girls who may have otherwise been excluded from this treatment.

The (CMAM) project is the single largest community-based intervention implemented by a state government in India. Over 2’500 government frontline workers and community volunteers are involved in the intervention.

Based on the success of this first phase, the Government of Rajasthan plans to scale up the intervention to more districts with the aim to reach 25’000 children. The CMAM programme is one of several programmes under the NHM which will continue to improve the lives of malnourished children in Rajasthan.