Amid battle with Rajeev Sen, Charu Asopa says she is unaffected by what others think of her: ‘Aapko aur aapke bhagwaan ko pata hai…’

TV actor Charu Asopa had a public fallout with her husband Rajeev Sen, She accused him of cheating on her and maligning her image. He too alleged that Charu had an affair with Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor Karan Mehra. Though Rajeev in his latest vlog said he never used the word ‘affair’, Charu has said she is not affected by what ‘others’ have to say about her.

In her latest vlog, Charu replied to a YouTube user saying, “No matter what someone says about you, you and your God know who you are. So, it doesn’t bother me what people think about me, or what they say about me. If you stay positive, everything is good.”

For the unversed, Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen got married in 2019. The couple welcomed their daughter Ziana in 2021. They spoke about separation a few months ago but soon patched up. In the last few weeks, the relationship soured again and Charu moved out of Rajeev’s house. She accused him of infidelity as well as domestic and emotional abuse, saying that he would ‘just vanish’ for months after their fights.

Charu has also said that she would like to initiate divorce proceedings and “doesn’t want to drag this marriage” anymore. However, Rajeev in his vlog said, “It will be difficult for me to forgive Charu after what she has said and done but Charu, darwaza aaj bhi aapke liye khule hain (The doors of this house are still open for you). Come back to your family. This is where you belong, this is where Ziana belongs.”


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