Arjun Bijlani on replacing Rannvijay Singha on Splitsvilla 14: ‘He messaged me…’

Dating reality show Splitsvilla is all set to launch its 14th season this weekend. While Sunny Leone returns as the host/mentor, popular television star Arjun Bijlani will step into the shoes of Rannvijay Singha, As readers may know, Rannvijay had a fallout with MTV last year. Sonu Sood had earlier replaced him in Roadies.

Fans kind of identify MTV shows with Rannvijay, and also love watching his banter with Sunny. And thus, Arjun will not only have big shoes to fill but also deal with constant comparisons. However, the Naagin actor shared that he’s confident because both of them have different personalities.

“Rannvijay has hosted Splitsvilla for such a long time and has his own fan following. Hence, the comparisons are bound to happen. The best part is that we are friends, and he wished me. He messaged saying that you will do good and that’s how our equation is,” he told,

Stating that he feels these replacements are part and parcel of the job, Arjun added, “It’s work for me and I came, did my job and really enjoyed myself. Also, we both have very distinctive and different personalities, so we cannot be the same. We bring different things to the table and I am not here to do what he does. I performed with my heart and soul. Also, the best part is that our chemistry (signalling towards Sunny Leone) was so good. I think when that works out, we can do better as mentors.”

For people who have followed Splitsvilla, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha come across as good friends. When we asked Sunny if she had any sort of apprehension about another person joining the show, she dismissed it saying, “Rannvijay will always remain a close family friend, and I can call him anytime. As for Arjun, honestly, there was no apprehension. We met for the first time at my office and jokes were happening instantly. I knew it was good and never worried about it. He is such a professional and has hosted the biggest of shows. He knew what he was doing and it was a lot of fun.”

While Sunny Leone has seen many love stories blossoming on Splitsvilla, we asked Arjun Bijlani if ​​he feels a couple can fall in love on a show. “I have seen people falling in love on TV shows, and they are still together. Also, I believe that love can happen anytime, anywhere. With a show like Splitsvilla, you are away from friends and family, and in a conducive environment, making it easier for love to bloom. I met my wife Neha at a friend’s house the day she arrived from Lucknow and was instantly attracted to her. We met more often and became life partners. You never know where you will meet your soulmate. Also, a lot of people on this show do manage to create bonds and connections, and that’s as important as finding love.”

Starting November 12, Splitsvilla 14 will air on weekends at 7 pm.


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