Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik gets furious at Archana Gautam after she takes a jibe at his captaincy. Watch

Bigg Boss 16 is all set to see a dramatic turn in its latest episode as Abdu Rozik will get furious at co-contestant Archana Gautam. The Tajikistani singer, who has till now shown his sweet side, will be left fuming at Archana after she will take a jibe at his captaincy. In a promo video shared by Colors TV, Abdu is seen getting angry at Archana, and even trying to give her punishment.

The video opens with Archana questioning why the alarm rang in the house. She then claims that it’s Abdu’s good friend Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. She also says that Abdu will be soon fired as a captain. When it turns out that it’s not Nimrit, Abdu gets angry. He yells at her saying that her tongue has become too long, and he will cut it. As he questions why she was brought in by Bigg Boss, the 19-year-old social media creator orders her to get into jail. This new avatar of Abdu will shock the other housemates.

“Abdu ka paara chaddh gaya archana ki baatein sunnkar, dekhne milega ab hume. Abdu ka paara chaddh gaya archana ki baatein sunnkar, dekhne milega ab humein chhote bhaijaan ka ek naya roop! Dekhiye #BiggBoss16 Mon-Fri raat 10 baje aur Sat-Sun raat 9.30 baje, sirf #Colors par,” the caption of the video read.

Abdu Rozik, who is quite a favorite this season, recently became the captain of the Bigg Boss 16 house. While housemates were initially excited to have him as the captain, the tide soon turned away, as they felt he was manipulated by his friend Shiv Thakare.

This weekend, there was no elimination in the reality show. Host Salman Khan summoned the three nominated contestants — Soundarya Sharma, Sumbul Touqeer and Archana Gautam, and asked their friends whether they want to save them. The catch was that they would lose out Rs 25 lakh from the cash prize in return. As they saved them, the prize money now stands at Rs 25 lakh.


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