Bigg Boss 16 evicted contestant Gori Nagori: ‘Shiv Thakare and Sajid Khan used me as vote bank’

On Saturday, Gori Nagori was evicted from Bigg Boss 16, after she received the least number of votes. The Haryanvi dancer was nominated along with Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. Content with her journey in the Salman Khan-hosted show, Gori shared that she was prepared to go home. She also said that it’s an achievement for her and the people in her region that she survived for more than a month in this ‘big show’.

As readers would know, Gori had recently broken free from her friend group, which included Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan, MC Stan and Abdu Rozik. While she seemed at peace playing an individual game, it did act as a drawback for her since her friends didn’t try to save her from nominations. “Honestly, it didn’t matter to me. I wanted to be out of the house for some time now. So I am in a happy space. Also, while all of them are thick friends, I hope they can see the differences between what’s right and wrong clearly,” she told

Reasoning her move, Gori Nagori said, “I felt that Shiv was using us. For him and even Sajid sir, we were only vote banks. If you call us friends, behave like one. But they always looked down upon us.”

Recently, Sajid Khan had even insulted the dancer and called her a thief when she gave some besan to her ‘new’ friend Soundarya Sharma. Stating that he misuses the respect people have for his age, Sajid has been acting ‘over smart’. “Just because we have given him love, he feels he’s always right. Even in the said situation, I did not steal anything. I just lent a food item to a friend. It was so petty of him to make it an issue. In the past, I have given him food, was that also stealing? I feel stupid to even talk about it as it was a very trivial matter,” she said.

Talking about the many ‘connections’ in the house, Gori said that while Priyanka does like Ankit Gupta, he’s clear that he doesn’t want to get married. And while Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta‘s connection is fake, Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig do feel for each other. “They are not fake and they might fight a lot, but will end up together.”

In the past, Gori also had to face a lot of prejudice given her background. In a fight with Sreejita Deshe was called out for being ‘classless’, and even during the Diwali weekend, Karan Johar had dissed her while supporting Archana Gautam. Undeterred by the jibes, Gori said that everyone has the right to an opinion. “What they felt was wrong is not the same in my eyes. I live in a very candid mood and if people misunderstood me, that’s their problem, not mine.”

She further named Shiv Thakare, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shalin Bhanot as the ones who are playing a smart game. As for the ones who should now get evicted, Gori picked, “MC Stan, Sumbul Touqeer Khan and even Sajid Khan sir are weak contestants. They should now get eliminated.” She also picked Priyanka as the one who has a strong chance to win Bigg Boss 16.

On a concluding note, we asked her to share the biggest learning that she’s got from her stay in the house. “That you cannot make friends so easily, in such a short time. And even if you do, you cannot trust them at all.”

Bigg Boss 16 airs every day on Colors.


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