Boney Kapoor recalls ‘those 3-4 days in Dubai after Sridevi’s death’: ‘I was all alone in distress, tension, anxiety’

Janhvi Kapoor has previously spoken about how her father Boney Kapoor quit smoking at the behist of her mother, late actor Sridevi. Now, Boney has spoken about the time when he felt like going back to cigarettes after Sridevi’s death.

During a recent appearance on Kapil Sharma’s show, Boney said that when Sridevi passed away in 2018 during his Dubai trip, he was extremely stressed. “When she passed away, when I was in Dubai for those 3-4 days, I had so much urge because I was all alone in distress, tension, anxiety, all those things, that was the only time I felt like smoking,” he recalled. At this time, he remembered that when Sridevi had first asked him to quit, she told him to do so by reminding him of his love for her. “But then I said that the minute she is gone, I want to smoke? If I truly love her, I will not. So I didn’t then and I have not touched… I have never had the urge also,” he said.

In the same conversation, Boney recalled how he had first quit smoking in 1995 during the early days of their relationship. He recollected, “When me and Sridevi started going out, one day when we were in New York, it was in 1995 , she asked me, ‘you will do anything for me? you say you love me’ and I said ‘yeah’. She said ‘stop smoking’. I used to have a gold Cartier lighter with a watch inside it and I flung it out like a hero along with the packet of smokes I was carrying.”

He shared that when they reached the hotel, he gathered all of his cigarette packets and handed them over to Sridevi in ​​her room and did not smoke again for 12 years. But he resumed it in 2006, “I had a major financial stress and I was in London (and that’s how it started again).” Boney remembered that in 2016, the doctors had told him to stop smoking and at this time, “She said ‘now you don’t love me anymore’.” In 2017, he finally kicked the habit and did the same thing he did in New York, gave away all of his cigarettes and never smoked again.

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor were married for over two decades. Sridevi passed away in February 2018.


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