BTS’ Jin reveals he would be at the military ‘front line’ before December birthday; requests fans to stop sharing his shirtless photos

BTS’ Jin left ARMY in a flux of emotions when he answered numerous questions on Weverse Saturday night. After requesting fans to stop sharing his shirtless photos, he also revealed when he would be heading for military service.

A fan asked if he was excited about his birthday, which is on December 4, and the vocalist said that he would be on the front lines by then, and wouldn’t be able to celebrate with his fans like he normally does. ARMY was rather heartbroken on hearing this, with one fan saying, “I forgot that he was going, considering he’s been busy with so many things lately.” Another added, “It hurts to hear it coming from him…”

On a lighter note, one fan shared his shirtless photo, where his ‘7’ tattoo can be seen, along with other photos of his. Jin answered, “Don’t share stuff like this, focus on my face instead,” which brought some smiles to ARMY.

After an emotional performance of his latest single Astronaut with Coldplay, Jin got to bid ARMY goodbye in person in the last week of October. The singer, along with his group members, had revealed that he had been planning his military service for over two years–regardless of the constant debate surrounding exemption–and had in fact, wanted to go right after the release of the album BE in 2020 However, he stayed on as singles like Butter and Permission to Dance became a rage and the band scaled further heights. He had wished to leave in 2022 June, but the members persuaded him to stay on for the Busan concert, which was the last scheduled event for the band. The schedule for the rest of the members is still undecided, though they are expected to reconvene in 2025.

On the other hand, RM recently announced that his new album Indigo will release on December 2, and there is speculation that V, Suga, Jimin and Jungkook will all release their solos by early next year.


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