Children’s Day 2022: Here are a few movies which will tug at your heartstrings

Children-centric movies have taken a backseat, but the genre is still a fan favorite because it will always move you and strike you feels square in the. In addition to providing inspiration and some vital lessons, the movies are also entertaining and fun. Let’s explore the world of innocence on Children’s Day and look at some of the must-see children’s films.

Stanley Ka Dabba (Hindi)

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A beautiful tale, Stanley Ka Dabba shows how important school days are to growing up. The narrative perfectly portrays the essence of lunch breaks in the context of significant problems like poverty, bullying, hunger, and the flawed educational system.

I Am Kalam (Hindi)

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I Am Kalam revolves around a young boy who attempts to dream outside the restrictions of his so-called society. In the film, the little child decides to change his name to Kalam after seeing President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on television.

Anjali (Tamil)

The Mani Ratnam directorial revolves around a young child who is mentally challenged. The film, which was later remade in Hindi and Kannada, won three National Film Awards.

Marina (Tamil)

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The film revolves around a young orphan who flees his evil uncle and ends up at Marina Beach in Chennai, It focuses on how the kid survives and works to support himself so he may enroll in a good school.

Dhappa (Marathi)

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The film is a heartwarming story about a group of kids that challenge socially accepted religious boundaries. The kids discover intolerance while preparing for a Ganesh Chaturthi play at the housing community and decide to question the religious discrimination.

Killa (Marathi)

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Killa is the story of a little boy who recently lost his father. The movie is not a coming-of-age tale, but rather a portrayal of a youngster who has lost his trust and is attempting to fit in at a new school. It also beautifully portrays the bond between a child and a single parent.

Putani Agent 123 (Kannada)

Three students face a race against time as they attempt to clear the name of their teacher’s husband, a police officer who has been falsely accused of murder.

Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai (Kannada)

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A group of students at a Kannada medium school band together to fight injustice when their right to education is violated by a greedy government.


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