Oh My Ghost controversy: Sathish blames Darsha Gupta for comment on Sunny Leone and her dress; actor denies claim

Actor Sathish released a video, which he later deleted, explaining the reason behind his comments on Sunny Leone and Darsha Gupta’s wardrobe choices at the Oh My God album launch event. He has been criticized for commenting on the sartorial choices of the two actors. In the clip, Sathish claimed Darsha Gupta was the reason behind his remarks.

Sathish said, “Darsha Gupta was sitting next to me (at the event) and was telling me how she had come dressed up in a modern dress and wanted to know in what attire Sunny Leone would turn up. But she (Sunny) turned up in a silk saree. Darsha was upset about the difference in the wardrobe choices and I told her ‘that’s a good point’. So, Darsha asked me to say on the stage that she was upset about it. And that’s what I did.”

However, Darsha dismissed Satish’s defense as she replied on social media. “Sathish is this a good way to turn on me, that I asked u to tell like this in stage? It’s very strange. Yaaravathu enna pathi, stage neenga asingama pesunganu solluvangala?? Enakum annaiku avlo hurt uh tha irunthuchu, but na atha perusa kaatikala. But ipo ipadi solrathu, not good (Would anyone request ‘please talk badly about me on stage’?? I was also hurt badly that day, but I didn’t express it much. But what you are saying now is not right) (sic) “

Singer Chinmayi, who called out the sexism of Sathish’s statement, has termed his behavior ‘horrendous’.

Speaking at the event, Sathish said, “Sunny Leone has come all the way to Tamil Nadu from Bombay, and look at how she has beautifully dressed up for the event. On the other hand, we have a girl from Coimbatore… Darsha Gupta… I am just pointing it out… how she (Sunny) has dressed up superbly according to our culture…”

Sathish was pointing out how Darsha Gupta was dressed up in modern wear, while Sunny Leone was in a saree at the event. The comment was met with a lot of cheers and hoots from the guys in the audience, but not so with many online, who slammed the actor for his sexist comments.

Meanwhile, Oh My God, directed by R. Yuvan, is gearing up for release. Starring Sunny Leone, Sathish, Yogi Babu, Dharsha Gupta, and Ramesh Thilak, the film is touted to be a horror comedy.


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