Om Shanti Om blooper reel: Shah Rukh Khan forgets his lines, Deepika Padukone can’t stop laughing while Gauri Khan hides her face

15 years later, Farah Khan’s reincarnation drama Om Shanti Om, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone remains iconic owing to its dialogues, catch-phrases, hilarious scenes and its parodying of Bollywood. On the 15th anniversary of Om Shanti Om’s release, Farah shared the blooper reel of the film, showing all the fun moments from the shoot.

She captioned her post, “The Magic, the Madness, the Music that was my love letter to Bollywood….” In the blooper reel, SRK goofs up his dialogues and dance moves several times while Deepika is in splits. In the scene where he supposedly battles a stuffed tiger, SRK bursts out laughing as he says the lines. While shooting for the track “Deewangi” that featured popular Bollywood celebrities, Saif Ali Khan pretends to stare into the camera, and Karisma Kapoor almost falls while dancing. Salman Khan and Dharmendra also share an emotional hug. In another part of the reel, Arjun Rampal accidentally hits SRK with the mic, Kirron Kher bursts into a stream of abuses, and SRK falls while breaking the coconut.

Om Shanti Om was incidentally Deepika Padukone‘s debut film. In Mushtaq Shaikh’s book The Making Of Om Shanti Om, Farah Khan says, “I am the only director who makes macho movies for Shah Rukh Khan. Everyone has him doing girly movies. I hate it when he does this weepy, mushy stuff.”

Shah Rukh Khan is all set to return in 2023 after a gap of five years, with three films – Pathaan, Jawaan and Dunki.


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