Pradeep Ranganathan on Love Today success: ‘Are the things I am hearing and seeing real?’

director-actor Pradeep Ranganathan has become an overnight sensation among the youngsters in Tamil Nadu as his second film, Love Today, and its depiction of modern love has struck a chord with them. The film, which had a modest release across the state, is now getting more screens. The overwhelming response to the film has moved the director, who took to social media to share a hearty thank-you note for his fans.

Pradeep wrote, “Is it really happening? Are the things I am hearing and seeing real? The no of shows, midnight shows, occupancy, demand gets higher day by day (sic).”

He added, “I am no star. I am just one among and the love you showered on me is immense. I trusted you and you didn’t let me down. On the other hand, you just put me on cloud nine.”

Love Today, which also has Pradeep in the lead role, is the drama that ensues between the lead couple when they are forced to swap their mobile phones by the girl’s father. Kirubhakar Purushothaman of Indian Express rated the film with three stars and called it, “The humor works big time because it is in perfect sync with our pop culture. Maybe, that’s why it feels like you are watching a YouTube channel that’s hilarious, but still YouTube.”

It is now said that Pradeep might team up with industry top star Vijay for his next film, While addressing the media, Pradeep spilled the beans that he has met Vijay and narrated a story to him.


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