Ram Charan says the opening scene for RRR was shot in 35 days: ‘Akshay Kumar finishes a movie in 40 days’

Actor Ram Charan spoke candidly about the film RRR and discussed how the famous opening scene took 35 days to shoot. He said that he had to work in dust for that much time even though he’s allergic and has had a sinus surgery in the past.

The actor attended the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2022 with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. When asked about the opening scene he said that Akshay usually completes a movie’s filming in 40 days and that only the opening scene of RRR required that amount of time. “Certain movies will finish in that much time, Akshay sir finished a movie in 40 days or so I heard,” Ram Charan said.

Ram Charan further added, “We shot the scene for 35 days with nearly 3000 to 4000 people. I have had a dust allergy since childhood, in fact, I had even undergone a sinus surgery. Look at my fate, I had to work in dust for 35 days.”

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Akshay’s film Prithviraj which tanked at the box-office was shot in 42 days. Opening up about the same, Akshay had said, “We finished the film in 42 days. Come on time and leave on time, then film completes on time. It was because of pandemic that the film got delayed, otherwise, the film would have released long back.” After revealing his shooting schedule, Akshay was even trolled and his “professional commitment” was questioned. However, Akshay has defended his professional commitments time and again.

Talking about films not performing well at the box-office after the pandemic, Ram Charan said, “We all have to rethink and restructure from the film making level too. We all have to pitch in this big game. Good films, good stories will drive people to the theaters. We have all become one unit. There is no south or north. It’s Indian Cinema now. It’s high time our cinemas went beyond our states. I am glad it is reaching everyone now. I want to work with directors in Gujarat, Bengal.”

On the concluding note, Ram Charan said, “The love we receive from our fans is really overwhelming. As actors, not just entertaining people, we even have a huge responsibility on our shoulders. Stardom is a responsibility.”


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