Samantha Ruth Prabhu describes her fight against myositis: ‘It was dark and exhausting… high-dose medication, never-ending trips to doctors’

About three months ago, actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease myositis. And her life has never been the same since. The star, who is promoting her upcoming film Yashoda, opened up about her diagnosis and subsequent treatment, which she called a “dark time” in her life. But, she noted that she has also noticed in these trying times, her resilience has also increased.

“Somedays getting up from bed is difficult. Somedays I want to fight. Slowly the days I want to fight are getting more and more than the days I want to give up,” she said in an interview with popular TV anchor Ramya. To allay the concerns of her fans, she reiterated that her life was not in immediate danger. “I’m not dying anytime soon. Yes, it is auto-immune. It’s taking time. It’s draining and tiring, but I have always been a fighter. I am going to fight,” she said.

Samantha recently posted a picture on her social media pages revealing her health condition. The picture showed IV drips attached to her as she dubbed for Yashoda. “I have spoken everything about my life. I have shared the glamour part of my life, where I put on expensive clothes and do photoshoots. I should also show that there is a not-so-glamour (part of my) life. It would be wrong if I didn’t say that. People should know that everybody, regardless if they are rich, famous or not famous, has good times and bad times,” Samantha explained.

Her announcement came against the backdrop of speculations about a rare skin condition she was suffering from. “I was very scared when I posted it. I was already weak and vulnerable, and I didn’t know if I had enough strength to take if somebody said a wrong thing. But, people unanimously reached out to me in support,” she remarked.

Samantha said that the last three months have taught her a lot about patience. And she noted that it was not a bad idea for people to take things slow. “I wish I could say I used this (downtime) inspiringly. But I can’t. It was a dark time. It was very, very difficult; high-dose medication, exhausting days, never-ending trips to doctors. I think it’s okay. Every day you don’t have to utilize it in ways that improve your life. Somedays are just hard, and it’s great that you survived. I don’t think every day has to be the day you give it your all. It’s okay not to be your best, be vulnerable and sick,” she said.


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