Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi’s daughter Diza pens a long emotional note: ‘I miss you appa, pls be happy…’

television actor Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi‘s sudden death came as a shock to his family, friends and fans. On Monday, his daugher Diza took to Instagram and penned a long emotional note as she paid tribute to her father who was her best-friend.

Diza said that she still doesn’t know how to react and wrote, “You were always my best friend first and heard all my problems, advised me in boy issues, threatened to kill half the male population that walks the planet, and constantly kept telling me that Dizu you are papa’s pride.”

She added, “You made me feel I was capable to do anything and everything in life. There are so many promises that I made you abt the future that I’ll never be able to fulfill but I know one that I will never stop working hard for is making you proud. In almost every conversation of ours you have never once forgotten to tell me how high your head is with pride and happiness no matter what I do, small or big, and I know in my greater achievements even though you are physically not present you will still be smiling and saying ‘meri gundi raani kitni badi hogayi papu ka heart is filled with pride I love u my guggli.’”

Diza concluded by saying, “I love you appa, my fatty, my oldie who was too overconfident and said ‘I’m the father who even at 60 will be rockin and smokin hot’. I laughed at you but I wish you could be here to prove me wrong. I miss you appa pls be happy and keep guiding me because I know I will need you constantly.”

Diza is Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi’s daughter from his first marriage with Ira. Siddhanth and Ira, who got married in 2001, parted ways in 2015. Siddhanth then got married to Alesia Raut in 2017.

On Friday, the Khusum actor collapsed in a gym while working out. His funeral took place on November 12.


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